Tuesday, April 1, 2008


That's right! Actual content on Running Water, ZOMG!




(I am working on real posts, but I'm not going to deny that I am not at all being prompt about it.)

(I am also aware of the ironies of posting an April Fool's Day post about how I never post, yes.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: Blue Beetle #24


Also this week I got Justice Society of America #13, which was rather enjoyable. I particularly like the penciller on this book. Rock on, Fernando Pasarin. Your expressions make me a happy HAC.

Also got the Blue Beetle Reach for the Stars TPB. It was fun. And went from issue 13-19, which is bigger than I thought it would be, but also means that the unexpected guest issue isn't going to mess with the next trade, so I'm OK with that.

I did not get Teen Titans #56 and, in fact, did not even bother to flip through it in the shop, and I don't particularly feel like regretting it, either.

So, how about that Blue Beetle #24, eh?

Cover: Ohmigod, that speech bubble they added to the cover. I screamed silently in my comic shop when I saw it. The last time I did that was-- OK, the last time I did that was when they added a speech bubble to Booster Gold #6. BUT STILL.

Pg. 1: Yay, survival for the Reyeses and company!

Pg. 2: Yay, Traci 13! Yay, cookies!

Pg. 3: Hehehe, Beetle-mobile.

And lookit how miffed Brenda is on this page. So very miffed.

Pg. 5: Unpunchableium. Kehehehe.

Pg. 6: Jaime speaking Scarab Speak! It's like a full circle of awesome from the Scarab speaking English last issue!

Oh, and the translation: "Code A1Beta." and then "Stun."

Don't need no stinking powers indeed. <3 Ted would be so very damn proud, Jaime.

Pg. 7: Pants, then spaceship. Good prioritizing, Jaime.

Scarab Speak translation: "thanks."

Pg. 8: I <3 this outfit.

Pg. 9: OK, so Brenda's obviously calling La Dama here, but who's Paco on the phone with? The Posse, maybe? but that seems awfully quick.... Although I suppose they'd mobilize more quickly than La Dama's forces, anyway....

Photobucket Photobucket

A coincidence? I think not.

Pg. 10: Peacemaker's on his feet again! \o/ And he's got the Posse with him! \o/

Pg. 11: Scarab Speak translation: "You have no idea what I can do." Negotiator's D:/o_o face after that is awesome.

Pg. 14: La Dama! The Diviner! Mr. Reyes! *General flailing of love and awesome*

Pg. 17: The code just seems to be gibberish to me.

Pg. 18: Jaime's gleeful "I knew they were alive!" makes me happy. Mortal danger? Guards with guns that want to kill him? Bah! His family's still breathing!

Pg. 19: Mrs. Reyes and Brenda <3

Pg. 20: Oh noes!

Also, please note Mrs. Reyes with a gun there. So awesome.

But also oh noes!

Pg. 21: I'm interested in knowing what the code is for. And it interests me that Jaime's surprised the ship can't crack it.

I love the defiance here. Ted would be so very damn proud and then some. <3

Pg. 22: Khaji Da! That's the phrase Dan used to activate the Scarab, of course. I have no goddamn idea what it's giong to do in this context. I can't wait to find out. Way cruel cliffhanger.

Also, next issue features a JLI reunion, too! Booster appearing in Blue Beetle yesplz.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Review: Booster Gold #0

Well, this took forver.

The also-rans of the weeks:

Atomic Robo #5: I actually remembered the sucker this week! \o/ Amusing, but felt mostly like set-up for next issue. It happens.

Green Lantern Corps #21: I thought Boodikka has returned to Bellatrix before.... I seem to recall seeing scans of her visiting her mother on Mother's Day. That aside, I am interested in where this story's going. I am somewhat disappointed that it seems to expect one to be following the other Green Lantern book, considering that I'm only picking up GLC.

Wonder Woman #17: I do believe that I will continue to buy this book. I wouldn't say I'm ZOMGSUPEREXCITED about it, but it doesn't repulse me like Teen Titans did, so it stays.

Brave & the Bold #10: Y'know what's odd about this book? I honestly can't remember what's going on in it between issues. I'll open the book and be like, "Oh, right, last issue ended on that cliffhanger, didn't it?" and then "Oh, right, there's that Mephisto thing going on," and then "Oh, right, that team-up happened." I can't recall this happening with any of the other books I read, it's just Brave and the Bold where I keep going, "Oh, right, stuff is actually happening in this book." It's really a good book while I'm actually reading it, so I keep buying it, but it just doesn't stick once it's out of my hands.

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1 HC: I concur with the rest of the blogosphere that this event is rawkin'.

And now, the main course, Booster Gold #0:

Cover: Does not have as much Zero Hour trade dress as I would've though. Also, the image itself is slightly off-center and that bothers me.

Pg. 1: Interesting how Future Beetle doesn't quite seem to be pointing at Ted specifically. Although I'm pretty sure there's no "supposed to be dead" in Booster's life (recently).

Also, noticeable and considerable height difference yeesssssss.

Pg. 2: "Of course, I just broke the same rules I'm supposed to be enforcing," amuses me greatly, considering that Booster got his superhero career started by stealing from a museum he was employed as a security guard in.

While Max was very directly involved in Booster's League membership (and there is a certain argument to be made for making the League seem ineffective with that...), Ted was a member of the Giffen League from the very start, while I think it took almost a year for Max to really become an accepted part of the team.

Pg. 3: "Leaving my future to be eaten away by the spawn of Mr. Mind." Ooooooo, a hint of another panel of the preview page at the end of the first issue!

Dan and Ted's successive "What?"s amuse me. So much I made a LiveJournal icon out of it:

Scarab Speak Translation: "Ted, take the wheel." Which, of course, makes no sense in context.

Pg. 4: Oh hai Zero Hour!

Daaaaaaan, Jaime doesn't quite qualify as a grown man yet!

Pg. 5: Oh, wait 'til Ted hears that Booster was drunk when he rear-ended Barry, too.

Scarab Speak Translation: "Ted, take the wheel." And it actually makes sense here! And seems to be Future Beetle's Scarab speaking, which is interesting.

Pg. 6: Booster confirms that he's over 30. And, of course, he was 19 when he started, so he's been at the superhero thing for over a decade. Of course, considering how long it's probably been since CoIE for the rest of canon, a few of those years were probably spent in the future between the end of the OMAC Project mini and when Booster reappeared in Infinite Crisis. I really would like to know what happened in those years....

Scarab Speak Translation: "My Scar ab's goin g nuts." I really like how they formatted the line breaks there to show the wigging out.

Pg. 7: Hal Jordan was a good guy again by the time I started reading comics. Is hurting Parallax as big a deal as I think it is?

Booster and Hank Hall have met before. In Booster's first series, actually. Issue #17. They did not get along. Things do not seem to have improved. (Which is really no wonder, considering how Booster left Hawk at the end of that story....)

"I lost some special to me. But Parallax says he'll bring him back." Substitute "Future Beetle" for "Parallax." Smirk knowingly. And worry.

Pg. 8: Scarab Speak Translation: "Or me." Hee.

I love how "already destroyed 64th century" = "annihilate the 25th soon enough." That's not nearly 4,000 years or anything. Quick, Shane somebody who's actually read Zero Hour! How long was it between Impulse's disappearance and Booster's? And between Booster's disappearance and when the present was in very immediate danger? Because if that was like bang-bang-bang, then I'll reverse my "haha, what?" reaction to that. But otherwise....

Pg. 9: I rather like how the 25th century is still "home" for Booster, despite everything.

Pg. 10: So, it seems that Jonar lost his eye to pay for a debt. Not terribly exciting, but certainly gruesome.

"Do you really think you're strong enough to deal with that kind of guilt?" Jonar Carter. Still an asshole!

Booster tracked Jonar down, did he? Iiiiiiinteresting. Mostly, of course, because if Booster tracked Jonar down, then Jonar didn't track Booster down to demand monies of him, which is fractionally less bastardliness than I would've expected.

Honestly, though, this page can pretty much be accurately summarized by just "Jonar Carter is an asshole and Booster's not a particularly bright kid. (Though he is a particularly pretty one.)"

Pg. 11: I love how Michelle is totally more important than anything Booster's done as Booster Gold.

Michelle's supposed to be blond like Booster! Curse you, Hi-Fi! At least the red hair isn't totally out of left field, considering that Mrs. Carter was a redhead, but still. I get the feeling that somebody or multiple somebodies have gotten the two Goldstars mixed up, since Trixie (who actually was a redhead) is sadly overlooked here. But I guess she's kind of obscure.... Not that Michelle isn't, of course, but Michelle's easier to bring back than Trixie would be, of course. Which is really sad when you consider that Michelle's the dead one of the two.

Also it means I have to update my Proud Carter Tradition icon again:

Oh, while I'm at it, hey, lookit, Booster's football uniform is red again. Exciting.

Pg. 12: Ah, Michelle, I am so happy that you are so capable of seeing through Jonar's bull. Not that Booster would ever listen to such a thing, of course. But it's nice that one of you is capable of reason. Also makes me feel much less worried about Jonar's "you and your sister always thought too much of me" from issue 4. Funny how one simple page can assuage my Jonar-rezzing-Shel desires fears.

Tangential thought: Why is the locker room so empty save Carters?

Bawwwwww, Booster's crippling need for love and attention.

"A few months after I went back in time, Michelle followed me" is such a drastic understatement. I mean, of course they couldn't summarize that whole arc down to anything even closely resembling reasonable, but still. It would be hilarious to see 'em try. (I think the shortest I can summarize it is something like, "Booster's power source for his suit ran out, and also he got the tar beaten out of him and ended up terminally ill, so he went back to the 25th century, and the cops caught him, because stealing a time machine is a crazy heinous crime [the punishment is execution without trial, even! Booster compares it to setting off a nuclear bomb in a church.], but then Shel breaks him off death row and returns to the present with him, 'cuz like hell she can stay in the future after that."[And, yes, that link is completely gratuitous, but I love that panel, so bah!]) I would've at least liked it if they mentioned that Booster made a return trip to the future and Michelle ended up coming back with him, instead of making it sound like Michelle made the trip independently.

Pg. 13: I don't think Michelle ever actually called herself Goldstar. I'm not sure anybody ever called Michelle Goldstar in-canon. I mean, Goldstar was the name associated with the costume, of course, but it's not like Shel ever actually did any heroing. It's explicitly stated in canon that she stole (and funny how that part isn't mentioned....) the costume because she wanted to fly. Of course, I can excuse this because it's not like she ever told Booster that, and I can easily believe that Booster is not as good at sussing out Shel's motivations as she is at his.

Booster, 5 minutes does not really a big brother make, while I'm at it.

"It wasn't your fault she died." Actually, Ted, it kind of was. I realize that Booster has probably never explained what actually happened to you, but Shel was not actually murdered like you thought in C2IC; she died at the uncaring hands of electrocution via falling rubble. And what caused the structural damage that resulted in the falling rubble? Yeah, that'd be a guy by the name of Booster Gold. So Booster's part in the death of Michelle is roughly equal to Ted's part in the death of Dan. So unless you've gotten over your massive guilt complex, Ted, (and maybe you have, considering the general lack of Freaking Out that's been done so far, actually,) I'm not sure you should really be telling Booster not to feel guilty about it.

I adore that Ted places Michelle before himself here. Because it is Right and Good and feels like delicious, delicious Validation.

Explicit statement that Friends and Family > Career and Respect makes me happy.

And check out that grin in that last panel. Booster has a Plan. A Plan that involves saving his sister. Yesssssss.

Pg. 14: Look, it's the Space Museum! Check out Booster's Legion Flight Ring in the foreground there and the forcefield belt in the back.

Also, be sure to check out the expression on Dan's face. He's so totally gawking. Jaime probably is, too, but it's less obvious. And Future Beetle's just like B|.

Hi-Fi, I do not think that the guy tackling young Booster on that screen should be wearing the same color football uniform that he is.

While I'm at it, why is this game being broadcast to an empty museum?

I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with Dan Garrett calling Booster "Michael".

I'm curious as to how they managed to get this far without setting off any alarms already.

Pg. 15: Lookit, it's a Batarang and Adam Strange's helmet!

Man, that's a lotta robots. Which is new. I'm none too familiar with the Space Museum's original stories, but I don't think it's ever had robots other than Skeets in the context of Booster. And none of these other robots look like Skeets, which is even more weird.

"And I don't want to hear any more complaints from you about our protocol. Shoot to kill, Skeets, you're scrap." I still haven't figured out if the Leader 'Bot is telling Skeets not to kill people or if he's telling him to kill people. Very big difference, that.

I like the expressions in the 4th panel. A lot. They are quite perfect.

Pg. 16: "Which one?" Hee. (Although, c'mon, Ted, why are you even bothering to ask; what could you do against a horde of robots like that?)

It amuses me that the other robots turn into regular OMAC's, while Skeets just turns into an OMAC'd Skeets. That makes perfect sense!

OK, starting from regular Booster and working outwards, we've got the original costume (complete with cape!), the life support suit from Extreme Justice, the Conglomerate outfit (<3), and 3 versions that I don't think are actually from anything. Pretty sure I'd remember seeing a Booster with that many stars on his costume. So gaudy.

Besides the Jaime-esque costume, all of the alterna-Teds seem to be just made up.

Of course, if I'd been in charge of this, I probably would've included the Booster from this (admittedly fairly obscure and probably with good reason) comic and the literal Blue Beetle Ted who recently appeared in Countdown: Arena.

Pg. 17: "This is so awesome." QFT.

"We can't remember this? But that's not fair." Also QFT. Although I do agree with Dan regarding the necessity of it, and it does explain why Jaime is not showing any signs of having met Ted over in his own book.

"Just try to remember to go easy on me that first year of school, okay?" "Never." I <3 you, Dan. <3

Ted and Jaime bonding yay.

Pg. 18: "Your blind, unflinching determination is as inspiring as it is fortuitous, Michael." It's also probably kind of unhealthy and definitely makes him easy to manipulate.

Pg. 19: "In fact, everyone looks ridiculous with a mustache." As a fan of facial hair, I will fight you, Ted!

Rip's not that bad, is he, Booster? Just has a stick up his time-traveling butt, does he?


That just can't be healthy.

Oh noes, the chalkboard is clean! And, uhh, broken to bits. That too.

What is with all the using Michael in this issue? He goes by Booster. He calls himself Booster. Other people call him Booster. All to the point where if he is going by Michael or Mike, it's usually to protect somebody else's secret identity (since he lacks one of his own), and when somebody has to introduce him as Michael/Mike in that situation, they usually pause before they say it, because it's something they have to work to recall, even if it's Booster himself doing the introducing. Booster got the moniker of Booster Gold by automatically answering Booster when asked for his name by the President and not getting the chance to fully correct it in time. That's how thoroughly Booster goes by Booster instead of Michael. Could we please not throw it around like we would Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne or something? Kthnx.

Pp. 20-21: OHSHI-

Pg. 22: Yes, Booster, Zero Hour. That's why there are OMAC's all over the place. That makes perfect sense. B| Booster, sweetie, I love you, and I understand that you really don't want this to be exactly what Rip was warning you about, but seriously. Could you at least try for a scapegoat that makes sense?

So, this is going to end well, yes?

Monday, February 11, 2008

So, stuff rocks right now.

Booster Gold #0 is swiftly approaching. JSA #12 was pretty damn nifty, as was Teen Titans Year 1 #2. I read and enjoyed the first trade of Iron Fist, but really need to get around to reading up on Iron Fist's history to achieve the deeper appreciation for things that I like to have. Editor Jann Jones is a crocheter. And check out what's #1 on Bully's top 50 end of the year countdown!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The April Solicits

Are over here, of course.

Teen Titans #58: It always amuses me when somebody with a pretty skintight outfit gets held up by their shirt.

Booster Gold #8: Provides yet another example of the Incredibly Stretchy Costume, although at least Ted doesn't have chain mail being stretched there.

Also, I totally love it whenever Booster fights Superman. It's very meta.

I am curious to see who's on this all-new, all-different Freedom Fighters team.

Supernova teaming up with an evil Beetle? So very much want. Had not thought of that sort of thing myself, but, in retrospect, probably should've.

Also, it totally makes me want a team-up with Supernova and Ted's Uncle Jarvis. It would be traumatizing great.

Batman #676 and Superman #675: I find it interesting how these two issues are solicited right next to each other and both figure floaty cape action.

All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #10: Isn't "better half" usually used in reference to one's wife/girlfriend?

Detective Comics #843: Zatanna's showing up again? How odd. Also, I am vaguely curious as to the origin of the new Ventriloquist.

Action Comics #864: Is it just me, or is that cover reminiscent of the end of IC #1, where Earth-2 Superman busts out of the crystal place?

Green Lantern Corps #23: I swear I've seen that cover somewhere before.... Am I just crazy, or what?

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol. 1 TP: Already? I could've sworn they waited longer than this to solicit the first 52 trade, but I could just be crazy.

Tiny Titans #3: Penguins tied to rockets with helmets with umbrellas on them yes.

Super Friends #2: The smiles on the cover disturb me. It's sooo.... I dunno. totally bizarre.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review: Blue Beetle #23

Yeah, I ended up never reviewing #22. So I'll do that right now, real shortlike: It rocked.

I bought 4 books today:

Atomic Robo #4- Needs to stop coming out on Booster Gold weeks so I can actually remember to buy it. Also it was good.

Wonder Woman #16- Did not totally rawk my socks off, but doesn't fill me with boundless rage, either. Hrm. Also, didn't she, like, just come back to life? And is showing up in multiple comics? (But I'd rather not get into that headache....) So I'm having a bit of trouble caring/worrying.

Teen Titans #55- Is probably going to be the last issue of Teen Titans I pick up. I started getting this book for Jaime, and I don't really approve of how McKeever is writing Jaime. Also there is just something about Tim and Cassie that makes me want to stab people in the face and never stop, so I figure it's for the best if I just drop it.

I will admit that I did chuckle at Rose dismissing Jaime's talk of the Reach as just joking, though.

And, of course Blue Beetle #23, which was soooooo goooooooood.

Pg. 1: "Yaaaaaay me." Hee. Oh, Jaime. <3

WWTKD? Oh, Jaime. <3

Hahahahaha, the books on the bookshelf. 5 and 2 and then 2 and 3. I don't know who's responsible for that, but <3 <3 <3 for them.

Pg. 2: C2IC Parallel #2 (#1 being the Beetley star, of course): The massive Conspiracy the Justice League wouldn't believe.

I rather like Jaime's description of the average Teen Titans meeting.

Pg. 3: Any plan in which Paco does not get to help is a sucky plan. Of course.

It is impressive to be an uptight control freak at 8.

Pg. 4: I am interested by the social system slightly exposited by the Negotiator and Dawur here.

Also I bet the ruling caste is totally scary and I hope they show up sometime.

Part of me wants to play around with the Calculus in the first panel. The other part wants to beat that part into a bloody pulp for even suggesting it. And then I get sad because I look at it and realize that I don't really remember much Calculus.

Pg. 5: Thousand-year rule? Haven't the Reach been around for a good deal longer than that?

C2IC Parallel #3: The bad guys closely monitoring the hero's every move! (Yeah, that's pretty standard fare, but still.)

Pg. 6: Oh, Jaime, you're so wonderfully responsible. And again with the incredible 8-year-olds! Also, <3 Jaime's parents. As always.

Pg. 7: Om nom nom themes.

<3 last panel.

Pg. 8: I like how Jaime had different narration-thought-boxes when he's in costume.

I just.... Oh, Jaime. <3

Pg. 10: I love that Ted managed to get 3 entire chapters worth of notes on time travel out of vague hints from Booster. And that he appears to have also noted Booster's jokes and lists of boob-slang.

Nebulae is the correct plural of nebula, but I guess that could change in the 400-some years between now and then.

Also, I am surprised that those notes are at all comprehensible, considering how often the rules of time travel as relate to Booster Gold keep contradicting themselves.

Should Booster Gold-related time travel craziness count as C2IC Parallel #4? I think it might be stretching it a bit....

Pg. 11: Delightful, delightful time travel craziness.

Pg. 12: Hahahaha, Jaime's so confused. <3

Pg. 14: Yes, the dialogue monologue here matches up with on page 11.

Pg. 15: Invisible-fied!

\m/ triangulation. Clever!

I oddly <3 the expression on the Negotiator's face in that 2nd-to-last panel. It's so "Bwuuaaaahh!"

Pg. 16: I audibly gasped at the Scarab speaking English. Truly one of the most awesome things I have ever seen in a comic book. <3 It's just pure Fuck. Yes.

Pg. 18: Oh, Negotiator, you sneaky bastard.

Pg. 19: D:

C2IC Parallel #4/5: Lightning-bolt-esque energy from space machine destroying Beetle's home with friends/family inside. D:

(I, uhhhh, checked, and the sound effect does not match up perfectly with C2IC, at least. It's just "CA-KOOOM" in C2IC, as opposed to the "WHAKA-KHOOOM" here.)

Pg. 20: Poor Jaime. :(

Pg. 21: Shouldn't that have, like, killed Jaime? Or at least rendered him extremely unconscious?

The Negotiator really is a Magnificent Bastard.

Pg. 22: Man, now that is a helluva last page.

And maybe by next month I'll have figured out how many C2IC Parallels the cover of next issue will count for!

Monday, January 21, 2008

No Habla Espanol. And That's Okay.

Boo, solicitations have to wait until tomorrow. Booooooo. At least we've got a sneak preview at Jaime's solicit.

Written by Jai Nitz
Art by Mike Norton & Trevor Scott
Cover by Zach Howard
A special extra-sized Spanish-language issue, with the English script as bonus material! Blue Beetle takes Traci 13 to his family reunion, and having your girlfriend meet your family can be tough, especially when she's the only guest who doesn't speak Spanish! To make matters worse, two people have uncovered Jaime's secret identity — and one of them is the Parasite!
On sale April 30 • 40 pg, FC, $3.50 US

Ah, the rumored all-Spanish issue. I, personally, think it's a nifty idea. And I know pretty much no Spanish whatsoever. (I took Latin as my 2nd 3rd language in high school, because I have some sort of aversion to things that are actually useful, obviously. That's why I'm planning on being an English major!) But I think that's the whole idea, of course. We're not supposed to know what's going on any more than Traci is.

And Traci gets to meet the Reyeses! Want!

One wonders who the other person who discovers Jaime's identity is. Also what the Parasite has to do with anything....

So, basically, I am all for this. Bring it on, DC!